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(Un) acceptable

December 3, 2009

TRIGGER WARNING: for mention of rape and mental illness.

Every now and again, on a geeky corner of the internet, or in a geeky corner of real life, I will come against a rape comparison that appears to present itself as not being offensive, but taking rape seriously. And I would like to call this bullshit. The one I come across most frequently when scrolling through fannish stuff, other than the “rape of the earth”, is in fandom for sci-fi, and it’s that “possession (demonic or angelic or by another being) is like a rape”. And it’s not. It is a un consensual loss of control, which is still bad, but not a rape.

Now I know whereof I speak about unconsensual loss of control of one’s mind and body. I have been under strong sedative drugs, had hypomania, suicidal depression, and psychosis, all of which have involved the scary sense of not being in control. It is not fun. It is a bad thing and scary and I seriously hope that no one else experiences it ever again.

But it’s not rape. Please don’t call it that.